Thursday, February 9, 2012

Missionary Service Activity

I love a great Sister Missionary!  They are spiritually powerful and so awesome! 

For our Laurel Activity this week we chose to do a Missionary Service Activity

It was basically a night to write the missionaries...spiced up a bit!

If you have ever sat down with Young Women and said, "We are going to write the missionaries" ...they are eager to do it....if they knew what to say...or what to write!  That part of the activity can take 20 minutes if you stretch it! The letters are short and that is with them talking the whole time.  : )

So before writing...we did some role-playing to see what it is like to be a Sister Missionary.

This of coarse is a very shortened, zip-through, but they get a small idea.

To prepare go to { Service}   There on the left side bar is a list of links.  Click on Dress & Grooming.  It is full of pictures and information on how to dress, how to do your hair, and even how to put on make-up.  It is excellent!!

I wish they had that information when I went on my mission!

This is an excellent issue FULL of how to prepare yourself to serve a full-time mission.  You can use all kinds of ideas while preparing for this activity.

The brain-child for this activity idea came from {A Little Tipsy}  She inspired me with all of her cute ideas. Go see what she did!  I used  several of her ideas and added my own. 

Station 1: Preparing to Serve a Mission:

I typed up a sheet of random questions for the YW to answer.  They were cut into strips and placed in a bowl.  Each YW read one.  The questions came out of my reading the missionary site, and the New Era magazine above.  Here is a sampling:
  •  Can Sister Missionaries wear jewelry?
  • What materials do missionaries use to teach the gospel?
  • How can you prepare spiritually to serve a mission?
  • What kind of dresses do Sister Missionaries wear?
After discussing and answering those question, each YW has to search and look up a scripture on missionary service & explain how that verse inspires or helps prepare a missionary to serve.

 I was so impressed with what they found on their own.  These are Laurels and are students of Seminary and they know the scriptures pretty well.

Station 2: Receiving the Call

It would have been really cool to have given the YW a pretend-real missionary call and a pretend tag...but I found this out:

". Recently Church members have been counseled to not have children pretend to receive callings as full-time missionaries or wear pretend missionary name tags {Sharing Time, Let Your Light Shine, The Friend, October 1999}
 I assume the reason behind that is that the missionary calls and tags that have the Church name on them are sacred.  The text on the tags is copyrighted.  They also symbolize someone who has been proved themselves worthy to represent Jesus Christ for 18 months or 2 years.  The missionary call is signed by the prophet himself.  In the scriptures it tells us to not trifle with sacred things.

So I gave the YW a letter (all the same) that essentially said "You are going on a mission!"  I then let the YW choose where they wanted to go. With a small sticker, they placed their sticker on a map. 

We had a basket of scarves and jackets for them to put on to "dress like a Sister Missionary"

Station 3:  MTC Receiving a Companion:

With 2 of each number, they drew a number out of a bowl, then had to find the other person with that same number.  That was their companion.

Station 4: Learning a Language:

As companions, they were given a list of sentences or phrases to learn to say in another language.

  • I know that God lives
  • The Book of Mormon is the word of God
  • Good Morning
  • Thank-you very much
  • Is your Mother home?
Station 5: Teaching a Discussion:

As companions they had to each other a gospel principle. 

Station 6: Flying to their Mission:

With an X on the floor with duct tape, the YW had to make a paper air-plane.  They then flew their airplane trying to hit the X on the floor. 

Writing the missionaries

We then took a few minutes to write a letter to one of the missionaries in our ward.