Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Home Evening last night

With a day off of school we decided to invite two families over for Family Home Evening last night. There was 24 of us in all.

Everyone showed up around 5:00 pm because we decided to eat dinner together for fun.  It was a simple meal of sloppy-joes and everyone brought something to contribute.
After dinner was over, we then gathered for our Family Home Evening

Lesson: A Tangled Web-We asked one of the other families if they would plan a short, simple lesson for all of us:

 They started off with this question for us:

"What is something Satan tries to tempt you to do?"

  My friend then tossed a ball of yarn to someone and they started off saying one thing they could think of.  That person held on to the end of the yarn and tossed it across the room to someone else.  Each person said one way we could be tempted, kept hold of a section of yarn and tossed it to someone else.  When we were done, we had created a huge web.

Here are a few of the answers:

To be angry

To lie

To not want to get married

To think negative thought about myself

To watch TV shows or movies that are not appropriate

To spend too much time with our technology

To talk degrading to others

We then went around and with a pair of scissors. We each thought of one thing we were going to do to stay strong, then we cut the thread we held on to.

Here are a few of the positive answers:

To read my scriptures daily

To repent

To say my morning prayers before school

To be honest

To get married in the temple

To fast

Closing song:  Love is Spoken Here

We then knelt down and had a family prayer by an 11-year old girl.


For our activity, the teenage girls introduced us to a fun game they called "Nursery Rhymes"  The idea of this is to have a few good nursery rhymes in your head to start with.

You want to divide your  family  into groups. It is a singing-round type of activity.  All the  groups start off with ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWKYZ by patting their thighs to a familiar tune then they choose a nursery rhyme and with the same tune and patting of thighs recite their nursery rhyme. 

The 2nd group follows immediately after to do theirs, always beginning with the ABC part then following with their nursery rhyme.  Each time a different nursery rhyme has to be thought of.

The object is to keep going around and around  without repeating a nursery rhyme that some other group hasn't done or forgetting the words to your nursery rhyme.  If you do, your group is out. You keep going until their is one group left.


For our treat we made a 3 layer dessert ahead of time.
It didn't come out perfect, but it tasted good

Here is the recipe:

Buy 4 pre-made oreo crumb pie shells

2 pkgs 8 oz. cream cheese
2 cups of powdered sugar
2 8 oz. containers of Cool Whip

Mix together well and spread over crust.  You will have a little of this layer left over.

Chocolate pudding-one large box
Vanilla pudding-one large box
Mix together with 6 cups of milk.  Mix well for a few minutes.

Spoon over white cream layer.

Top  with another layer of Cool Whip

Eat and don't think about the calories.  There are no calories with FHE treats.