Friday, January 13, 2012

Cell-phones and gum chewing

Remember how your mom or your teachers HATED gum?  I can still remember my mom's strong dislike for gum in our house.  She hated the smell of it, the look of it, and most importantly getting it out of things like carpet, clothes, and hair.  Her rule was we could chew gum, until she saw it, then we had to throw it out.  That was my mom being highly tolerant.  She hated gum.

I feel like cell-phones are what gum chewing used to be.

 My High School English teacher used to stand before the class, and before any instruction was said, she made it clear her stand on gum-chewing in class. She didn't want to see it or hear it.  And a lot of them didn't want to smell it.  I remember every teacher had an issue with the smell of Watermelon Bubbilicious bubble gum.

Oh! To have the problems THEY had!

Texting has become more of a problem in our ward young womens lately.  Not a lot of girls are texting , just a small percentage. So our approach has been to not worry about too much, or to just quietly telling them to put it away-which works[I am assuming] until we are out of sight.  Now it has progressed to not even hiding it, and not putting it away when asked to.

I totally understand the way everything and everybody has gone to high technology. I truthfully don't care if they bring their cell-phones to mutual, I just don't want to see them, or hear them [kind of like my mom and the gum]. If they want to use them before mutual starts-fine.  If they need them afterwards to call their parent, I totally support and understand that.  In between  tho...during the lesson or activity time, they need to be off and hidden away in a pocket somewhere.

The tricky part comes in the approach.  And that is where I get all fumbled up on how to do it. 

Bottom line is we love these girls.  They are precious to us. As a leader, I don't want there to be a moment when a young women wonders or feels that we don't love them or are out to get them, which is how some girls take correction.

 Each time we meet with the Young Women we try to make sure they have an experience with the Spirit, that they FEEL  something each time they come.

My main concern is that when they are texting, they can't feel or hear the Spirit.  It is a distraction to themselves as well as to those around them.

I love this video:

That is what the Spirit is saying to these youth who are so pre-occupied with their phones, "wish you were here, because I am trying to get through to you.  I have something I want you to hear"

I feel if we teach correct principles, it will be understood and felt.

It is our role as leaders to teach correct principles, not to ignore bad behavior.  {I am talking to myself on this one}

I love what President Packer said:
 "We have to decide as leaders (parents) if we are going to stand with the youth and explain their actions to the Lord, or stand with the Lord and explain His word to them."

Here's a great talk on texting Keep Texting from Taking Over, [Russell and Brad Wilcox, August 2007 Ensign]